Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Third Grade Music, Fall 2013

Third Grade Music

This fall, the third grade has continued to explore and stretch their vocal range through various warm-ups and songs.  Students are comfortable with their singing voice and are matching pitch consistently.  Third grade has been exposed to basic notation, to include both the family of “notes” and “rests.”  They have been working on note and rest values and how the family tree of each is related.  Students were able to apply previously learned math skills, specifically fractions when dealing with “value” or “beats of sound or silence” and addition and subtraction when dealing with “musical math.” Students have started to recognize standard notation in sheet music that has been part of the Winter Musical learning process and are able to name and identify their value.  All of this is necessary to make sure they have the appropriate tools for recorder, which will start right after our Winter Musical performance in January.  In addition to standard notation, third graders are now independently reading and singing through simple scores, after a short review of repeat signs.  In the next month, students will review how to get on and off the risers, performance etiquette and will work on memorization of speaking parts (for those who wanted speaking roles).  

Marblehead High School at 7:00 PM (arrival 6:40)
Tuesday, 1/28/14:  Bowen, McMahon, Sheppard, Wahtera
Wednesday, 1/29/14:  Erikson, Turcotte, Blanchard, Duffy

Make sure to note your child’s performance time! 
The Fine Arts Team looks forward to seeing you there!


Recorder Songs (Sung; Mi-Re-Do)      Seasonal Songs:                     Winter Musical:
Hot Cross Buns                                       Halloween Night                      Rip Roaring Dinosaurs
Merrily we roll Along                             Once in Transylvania               Diplodicus
Au Clair de la Lune                                 Gather Round                          Velociraptor 

                                                                 A Chant for Autumn                Parasaurolophus