Thursday, January 16, 2014

Second Grade Music, Fall 2013

Second Grade Music:

This fall, the second grade has continued to explore and stretch their vocal range through various warm-ups and songs.  Students are becoming more comfortable with their singing voice and are beginning to match pitch consistently.  Students have continued to work on independently maintaining a steady beat through songs and movement.  Second grade has been exposed to basic notation, to include both the family of “notes” and “rests.”  Students have started to recognize standard notation in sheet music that has been part of the Winter Musical learning process.  Although they have learned the note or rest values of notation, this is something that will be further developed next year in preparation for recorder in third grade.  Second grade has been challenged with preparing for their first musical at the Bell School.  They have been learning to read through short vocal scores, identify repeat signs and follow a song from verse to verse.  All of the classes have grown tremendously and are for the most part independent in following a simple vocal score.  In December, the students will look forward to working on the risers, learning appropriate performance etiquette and piecing the show together for our dress rehearsal and performance.  

Marblehead High School at 7:00 PM (arrival 6:40)
Tuesday, 1/28/14:  Bowen, McMahon, Sheppard, Wahtera
Wednesday, 1/29/14:  Erikson, Turcotte, Blanchard, Duffy

Make sure to note your child’s performance time! 
The Fine Arts Team looks forward to seeing you there!

Sing-A-Longs: Second Grade
Movement Songs:               Seasonal Songs:                 Winter Musical:
Pizza, Pizza                          Skeletons Dancing               Rip Roaring Dinosaurs
                                             Ghost of John                       Diplodicus
                                             Out of Sight                          Velociraptor
                                             Thanksgiving                        Parasaurolophus
Steady Beat Songs:                                                
Cobbler, Cobbler
Mary Ann
Skeletons Dancing