Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First Grade Music, Fall 2013

First Grade Music

This fall, the first graders have completed a review of the four voices used in the music classroom by identifying and demonstrating all voices.  They have also continued to sing through various vocal exploration exercises as they develop and stretch the range of their singing voices and further their recognition and ability to accurately match pitch.  First graders are working on new and more challenging movement songs, which promote their coordination and foster their creativity.  Many of these songs require the children to introduce the class to a new movement that they have thought up or created.  In December, the first grade students have begun to explore new circle songs that are more complex than those learned in kindergarten.  Students have been introduced to the more strict form of duple meter and the more flowing and swaying triple meter.  Students will demonstrate and identify these meters, as well as maintaining a steady beat on the barred instruments as well as using unpitched percussion.  


Movement Songs:                       Circle Songs:                                             Seasonal Songs:
Miss Mary Mack                          Circle ‘Round the Zero                               Fun on Halloween
All around the Brickyard              A Tisket, A Tasket                                      13 Days of Halloween
Bow Down, O Belinda                  Tideo                                                           Monster Stew
Do Your Ears Hang Low?             Charlie Over the Ocean                              A Mince Pie or Pudding
Wheels on the Bus                                                                                            The Turkey
                                                                                                                          Jingle Bells
                                                                                                                          Snowflakes Falling
Cross-Curricular Songs:
Apples and Bananas